SWIMMING POOL KITS ,  Have been selling Fibreglass swimming Pools and Fibreglass Swimspas Australia wide for over 30 Years, Our range of Fibreglass Pools and Swimspas will compliment just about any backyard, from slopping sites, rugged outback areas to indoor or balcony or Rooftop pools or spas, we will have the perfect pool for you. All of ourFibreglass Swimspas are available as Freestanding units.

Pool Cleaners Pool Fliters Pool Heating
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Eco-Oxidizers Bioniser Ph Boss
bioniser bio PH Boss
Pool & Spa Pump Swim Spas Swim Jets
pump swimspa Hurricane_sm
Replacement Chlorinator Cells Domestic Chlorinators Commercial Chlorinators
cells Screen Shot 2014-02-17 at 2.21.45 pm commercial saltwater chlorinator
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DIY inground swimming pool & kit pools available in all areas Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth Call now